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There is a parable where a group of disciples decided to test their teacher.  They approached him, hiding a butterfly in semi-closed hands and asked him if the creature is dead or alive.   They’d agreed amongst themselves that if the teacher answered that the creature was dead, then the disciple will open hands and the butterfly will fly away alive.   But if the teacher were to say it was alive, then the disciple would slightly squeeze his palms so that the butterfly would die.  When asked, the wise teacher answered: "Everything is in your hands..."  This proves that we are able to change our reality the way we want it.


To that end, I’ve listed my top recommendations for health and well-being.  They are free ideas to improve your quality of life!


I do not sell or endorse any products, but I’m a vocal advocate regarding what has worked for me and others.


I work/played with a client the other day in California through Skype.

2(two) pointing him and asking that all situations improve and change by using matrix energetics, his live video I was seeing blended into a Bengal tiger.  I told him how, for me, all things blend into one like a kaleidoscope color change when I drop into the field and ask for change to be created for my clients in a split moment of grace.  As I said this to him, he laughed and said you won't believe what your video picture looks like on Skype!  Instead of him now seeing my face live on the video conference call, he saw the picture below, so I am sharing it with you and as my mother would say, "Have a glorious day!" 





Turmeric ( I take it every day!)


Baking Soda, Molasses and H2O

latest greatest form of software similar to a SCIO machine.   I have the premium version that was just released.  I include a free session with this during ALL of my sessions in order to intensify the session for you.  It is a profound form of radionics


How do I lose weight? 

What is the best diet for me? 

How can I have better health?


also Raspberry


How to muscle test...  

Indium is also worth reading up on........ 

a book about Indium  great reading for a variety of natural health tips over 100 FREE ebook downloads on energy and spiritual healing and consciousness etc.


Back Pain?

Castrol Oil on the back and a heating pad often help, and changing your beliefs to

stay out of a reocurrance is huge



Fever Few


Chlorine Dioxide

People have asked me about a magic bullet, something that handles parasites, virus, bacteria, mold, mildew, fungus and other ailments and diseases both mild and severe. If a family member, relative or friend had any serious disease or ailment, I would encourage them to read all that they can about this.This web site has a 1 (one) hour video and is well worth watching! This website is about Jim Humble who came up with this and it has a free e book that gives step by step instructions on how to take the supplement and this is where you can buy the supplement.  It is very inexpensive and well worth your time to research or the other links below.  This is another choice and option for you.  Again, not recommending it, but it is up to you  Best least expensive place I have found to get this is under water purification.  LOTS more info at the bottom of this page below the picture @ the bottom of this page


Puritan Vitamins

For topical issues, I have had success with bloodroot, Indian herb, black suave and zinc chloride.  Read all that you can about the above and do your own research, but for me they have all worked wonders.  These are very inexpensive supplements that coupled with healing guidance could possibly help drastically alter and change someone's life for the better. 

Best Vitamins And The Least Expensive too!


Cholesterol lowering naturally along with heart disease, 

high blood pressure etc




Kong May



Zapping and Magnetic Pulse

read all you can about this and zapping and Hulda Clark's book

The Cure For All Diseases


3 Frequency Hulda Clark Zapper with Wrist Straps

Least expensive method to achieve this:  Purportedly kills bacteria, virus, mold, fungus, mildew, parasites, IE whatever ails you without harming the good stuff


Go Alkaline 

Read all you can about changing the PH within your body and drink alkaline charged water.  These are the least expensive drops that change the Ph in your drinking water.


Soap and Shampoo

This is the best on the planet for those with skin issues or who really want to get cleaner and more pure.



Anyone who has ever eaten raw salads, nuts, or sushi is bound to have parasites.  Plan on seeing darn near aliens coming out of your body! I use these products several times a year.  The 2oz bottle is the best bargain.

another choice is oregano oil and old Amish dewormer (research them)


For those with Cancer of any type

I would check out 

I would also read up on all that I could about




Feeling Blue?  Some supplements might help





Black Cohosh Root Is The

Herbal Supplement Most Often Recommended For Women Experiencing Common Mid Life Changes and To Help Support Healthy Hormonal Balance...

Black Cohosh has a long history of use by Native Americans and as an alternative medicine by the early settlers. It's been used to treat problems associated with menopause; Often used in conjunction with St. John's Wort, it is said to be effective in treating hot flashes and other menopausal problems. It's also believed to be useful for treating a range of other complaints; including tinnitus and high blood pressure.  The root contains Acetic-acid, Actein, Ascorbic-acid, Butyric-acid, Cimicifugin, Formononetin, Gallic-acid, Isoferulic-acid, Oleic-acid, Palmitic-acid, Salicylic-acid and Tannic-acid. Research has shown that Black Cohosh root has estrogenic activity and reduces levels of pituitary luteinizing hormone, thereby decreasing the ovaries production of progesterone.


Depression can cause serious physical and emotional symptoms that interfere with your ability to live life to the fullest. Chronic fatigue, lethargy, hopelessness, a constant sense of sadness and depressed mood are all signs of depression, and it can be very hard to function when you’re experiencing these symptoms.

For people with major depressive disorder, it is important to seek the help of medical professionals. Prescription medication might be necessary, at least in the beginning stages of treatment (up to you!). For those who are experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of depression, however, there are herbal supplements and vitamins that can help alleviate some symptoms of depression.

If you’re interested in natural supplements for depressive symptoms, these are the herbs and vitamins to look for:

St. John’s Wort (Hypericum Perforatum)

St. John’s Wort has gained in popularity over the last several years as a “natural antidepressant.” Hypericin, Hyperforin, and Adhyperforin are the active derivatives that give St. John’s Wort its anti depressive action. It has been shown to be a Natural Re uptake Inhibitor, which means that it has positive effects on the availability of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and norepinephrine. These control and stabilize mood, warding off the symptoms of depression.

SAM-e (S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine)

SAM-e is a natural mood-enhancing chemical produced in the body. Supplementing the diet with SAM-e can increase levels of this chemical as well as the production of important mood stabilizing neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine.

Vitamin B Complex

B-vitamins are essential for emotional health. They also increase energy, fighting the fatigue that often comes with depression. They have positive effects on cell communication in the brain and support a healthy central nervous system.

 Bacopa (Bacopa Monniera)

Depression often interrupts our ability to concentrate, obtain mental clarity and make decisions. The Bacosides, Alkaloids, and Glycosides in Bacopa support brain functions including concentration, memory, focus and mental endurance.

Valerian Root (Valerina Officinalis)

One of the symptoms of depression is sleep difficulty. Valerian Root is a mild sedative that can alleviate sleep difficulty. Valerian Root soothes the nerves to reduce nervous tension and stabilize mood for a healthy emotional balance.

5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan)

This phytochemical, derived from the seeds of Griffonia Simplicifolia, is a precursor to the production of serotonin. It controls mood balance and can counter the effects of depression on appetite and sleep.

When using herbal supplements and vitamins to support a positive mood balance, it is also important to practice healthy lifestyle habits and emotional coping mechanisms. Used as a part of an overall wellness plan, these herbs and vitamins can help you achieve relief from certain symptoms of mild to moderate depression, leaving you with a sense of overall well-being.


Teslar Watch

Teslar technology is designed to realign your body's magnetic field with the natural field created by planet Earth. The watch's battery creates an electric field while the quartz movement creates a magnetic field. The Teslar chip in the watch uses these two fields to create a third field that pulses at 7-9 Hertz, the same range as Earth's natural state. The watch is specially designed to emit a unique signal that helps strengthen the body's natural electromagnetic energy field and resist the negative effect of daily stress. Experience the Teslar effect and let yourself feel more relaxed, more rested and less tense. The least expensive models are available at these sites.

also, you can wear the I Renew bracelet and it can be found on line or at any

Wal Mart store

Another choice which is excellent too is which is a bracelet made from pieces of volcanic ash and it does all of the above too!  And it comes in a variety of colors and sizes.



This product is definitely worth investigating.  I take this daily and have done so for years.  Four drops on your tongue upon arising with no food or drink 10 minutes prior or after taking this supplement (books have been written about this little known supplement


Amalgam Fillings

Ask me about an inexpensive, safe and effective way to get around having amalgam fillings pulled and replaced by the dentist!  This can save thousands of dollars.


Dentists & Dental Plans



Bright Now! Dental Center -  2045 Gulf to Bay Boulevard, Clearwater, Florida 34765 727-443-0844 Dr. Edward Wilson DDS.  best plan for this would be Safe Guard a MetLife product which is about 12$'s a month and covers cleanings, xrays etc., and crowns are about 300$.  You can get Safe Guard dental plan anywhere in the USA.


Walk Fit

These orthotic inserts for your shoes have the ability to help alleviate most low back, hip, knee and neck issues.  Usually the least expensive ones can be found on ebay.  I do not recommend getting them directly from the company as people have experienced spam and forms of slamming.  Another choice is to go to where they have the Dr. Scholl's foot machine at WalMart and get the inserts.  Good Feet is another choice too.


Coke Liver Cleanse

Ask me about cleanses for parasites, gall bladder and liver cleanses.  These are available to you using every day common household items and can make you feel awesome. Go to the link below and go down to liver cleanse #5, as it involves Coke a Cola and is one of the best.



I enjoy and recommend the following movies because I believe they will raise your consciousness.  Your vibrational level can open up your mind to the fact that all things are possible.  You can click on the actually links below if you want to purchase these items directly at Amazon, or merely visit your library or video store


What The Bleep Do We Know? 

The Secret

The Peaceful Warrior


Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts

The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon

Limitless Bradley Cooper / Robert De Nero

Ghost / Patrick Swayze & Dimi Moore

Cocoon Directed By Ron Howard

The Book Of Eli Denzel Washington

The Green Mile / Tom Hanks

Yes Man / Jim Carrey

The Living Matrix

You Can Heal Your Life, the Movie

Jet Li's Fearless

Pay It Forward

As Good As It Gets / Jack Nicholson / Helen Hunt

Finding Forrester / Sean Connery

Ghost Town

Goodwill Hunting / Robin Williams & Matt Damon


Phenomenon / John Travolta

The Secret Garden

Field Of Dreams / Kevin Costner

Antwon Fisher / Denzel Washington

Michael / John Travolta

Patch Adams / Robin Williams

Super Size Me

City Of Angels / Meg Ryan & Nick Cage

The Bucket List / Morgan Freeman & Jack Nicholson

Men Who Stare At Goats / George Clooney, Ewin McGregor

Legends Of The Fall / Brad Pitt,

A River Runs Through It / Brad Pitt

Inception / Leonardo DiCaprio

The Sorcerer's Apprentice / Nicholas Cage

The Last Air Bender

All of The Matrix Movies

Source Code with Jake Gyllenhaal

Xmen, First Class

Green Lantern in 3D

all of the transformers movies



I like the following authors: 

Dr Richard Bartlett:



Dr Eric Pearl's The Reconnection

Dr Wayne Dyer

Dr David Hawkins

Eckhart Tolle


Read any and all of their books and of course anything on The Tao



Anything by Louise Hay


Primary Recommended Reading


  • Yoga of Time Travel ~ by Fred Alan Wolf

  • The Field ~ Lynn McTaggert

  • Holographic Universe ~ Michael Talbot

  • Quantum Mind ~ Arnold Mindell, Phd.

  • Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance ~ James Oschman

  • The Power of Intention ~ Wayne Dyer

  • Parallel Universes ~ Fred Alan Wolf


Secondary Recommended Reading


  • Science and Human Transformation ~ William Tiller (best for science)

  • Eagle's Quest ~ Fred Alan Wolf

  • Muddy Tracks ~ Frank De Marco

  • Using Your Brain for a Change ~ Richard Bandler

  • The Reconnection ~ Eric Pearl

  • Remote Viewing Secrets ~ Joe McMonagle

  • Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul ~ Skip Atwater

  • A Touch of Hope ~ Dean Kraft




Any classical rock actually tests well and is pretty high energetically

groups like The Who, The Beatles, Boston etc.........Whatever you enjoy and see as classic like:

Any and all of The 3 Tenors

Yo Yo Ma


Sarah Brightman

Constance Demby "Enter The Stargate"

Brule "We The People"  It is American Indian music

and any powerful music that has passion as it's main driving force


Work on yourself and if you have the ability to clear the following programs, do so, and if not, find someone who will clear these programs for you utilizing Theta   If you need for me to do it, I will do it for free via email.  If you need a session I will include these in any of our sessions together.



  • I am

  • I am positive.

  • I find grace and ease in all that I do.

  • I am open to all possibilities.

  • I am in God's favor.

  • I am in tune with divine timing.

  • I am aligned with my spirit guides.

  • I am aligned with and in tune with my guardian angel and angelic band.

  • I have activated above and beyond all 12 strands of DNA.



Matrix Energetics And Dropping Into Heart Center To Create Change


 I am here as a resource for all of you and all of the above and below are things that have worked for me


Including how to collapse the wave in physics which I have written below in basic terms. The guidance below that was precisely given to me is demonstrated in my video on this web site.  It is what has come to me intuitively to concisely relay to you how to achieve this and work on manifesting your desires, hopes and dreams.


1.       Relax and while standing, close your eyes.  Make a fist and hold your fist up to where your heart is and breath in and out and think of everything flowing in and out of our your heart center (this reminds us that the fist is about the size of our hears and we are dropping everything in, around and through us, into our heart center

2.       give a thumbs up signifying that you are placing intent as a single statement like a wish list to Santa, “I want a new car”  It can be anything positive, as long as you need for it to be and I never say the same thing twice.


3        asking open ended questions for the universe to answer, like your guides and or angels, God in all forms.  Flick open a finger for each of the next four questions and after each question rest the finger on your chest.  Remember to let your mind go blank, your not answering the questions, we are asking your angels, guides and the universe to bring the answers back to you.  Index finger, “what will my new car look like? middle finger, when will it show up? next finger, how will I be shown and know which car is right for me? pinky finger, How will I get the best deal on my new car? Then flatten your open hand to your chest and breathe out as if your breath is lifting this up to God, Guides & Angels...It's like dropping a pebble into a pond or releasing doves or balloons into the air!


You can do this any time of the day or night, at a stop light or whenever.  It is simple, yet extremely powerful!  It allows you to drop down into your heart center and it's like throwing a tennis ball for a Labrador retriever.  They aim to please and so do your guides, angels and the universe.


You can watch me demonstrate this on my video section on this web site.



 Contact me today to find out how I can help you

achieve abundance, optimal health, wellness and well being!



Jimmy Mack practices Theta, Reconnective, and Matrix Energetics healing





I pray this email finds you in good health.

Last year we completed the largest MMS community survey ever. If you
were one of the thousands of people who responded…thank you.

There were several themes in the results we got but one of the main
ones was "what are the basics to using MMS safely?"

There is much information surrounding this topic.

I am not sure if you have seen this before but I thought I would send
it over if you are still using MMS. If not, feel free to hit the unsubscribe 
button. These 5 fundamentals come straight from Jim.

Here are the 5 Fundamentals for using MMS

Fundamental One:
Repeated small doses are more effective than large morning and evening doses. It has been demonstrated more than 1000 times that small doses administered often, up to once each hour, are more effective than large doses administered once or twice a day.

We now know that the chlorine dioxide chemical generated by MMS does not remain in the body more than one or two hours at most. The size of the dose does not seem to make a great deal of difference to the amount of time that MMS remains active in the body. That basically is because it doesn't matter if it is a large amount or small amount it still deteriorates into mostly just table salt in an hour or two.

So in reading the various methods of using MMS elsewhere on this web site, keep in mind - it is going to be much more effective to take MMS either each hour, or each two hours, and with smaller doses that will be equal to - or maybe larger than - one large dose.

If you are in the habit of taking larger MMS doses only in the morning and evening as was suggested in the past, MMS will still cleanse the body of microbes and pathogens. However, new research clearly reveals that a smaller-but-continuous circulation of ClO2 prevents regrouping and reproduction of pathogens, especially in situations where you are fighting a specific health issue - whether a cold or herpes or hepatitis.

After you are cleaned out a maintenance dose is still the same as always, 6 drops a day of MMS along with the citric or other acids required for activation. That's for older people and 6 drops twice a week for younger people, older people being over 60.

Fundamental Two:
Decrease the number of drops as needed if diarrhea or nausea occur, but do not stop taking MMS. Nausea and diarrhea are both good indicator signs that MMS is working. Diarrhea lasting for an hour or two is very good, but to keep it up for any amount of time can cause more harm than good. So always decrease the drops when these temporary barriers arise - they are temporary in most cases. .

Fundamental Three:
Never take more than 3 drops and hour unless in a life threatening condition. In the case of life threatening situation use protocol 2000.

Fundamental Four:
Avoid all forms of Vitamin C for two hours before and after use of MMS. This is a temporary requirement, necessary during the significant weeks of your ramping up to the level of drops where you can be considered to be "Cleaned Out." If you are taking Vitamin C capsules marked as "12 hour" type, you will have to discontinue their use and only take capsules or tablets that do not indicate a timed action and take them only at night after MMS hours.

Fundamental Five:
Thoughtfully maintain a nutrition program adequate to maintain your immune system. MMS takes unwanted pathogens and parasites out of your body with great efficiency but it provides no nutritional minerals or vitamins. Maintain intake of friendly micro-organisms (acidophilus, and other flora). MMS itself does not kill intestinal friendly micro-organisms but forceful diarrhea can sometimes reduce their numbers. Similarly, maintain intake of minerals - especially calcium and magnesium.

Nutritional intake is critical to the immune system. Daily sunshine on the skin will maintain your vitamin D or, if you rarely see the sun, you must maintain "D" with supplements - - essential for maintaining the immune system. While MMS is the most potent germicidal agent on the planet, only the immune system produces healing and maintenance of health.

The five fundamentals above are basic to all the various methods and protocols that are explained on this Web Site. Be sure to click through to the various specific protocols that are highlighted below.



Dr Ron Neer

PS-My business partner and I are heading the to Dominican Republic to spend a week with Jim getting the latest developments for you. We are also donating wireless internet equipment so that Jim will have better access to everyone. We will be sure to post the video footage when we return 
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