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Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Life Coach

Jimmy Mack utilizes spiritual energy healing, distance energy healing, remote energy healing and is one of the most well-known spiritual healers in the Tampa bay area of Florida USA

Applied Kinesiology, Muscle Testing and Dowsing the Dowser to create profound changes
Healing Body, Mind, Spirit, People, Places, Things, Pets and Situations
Now Available, Same Day Appointments!

Jimmy Mack

Cell 727.678.0557 Skype: Jimmy.Mack55 Clearwater, Florida. USA


Listen LIVE weekly to my new radio show every Tuesday 12noon ET, Starting 7/5/16

The live call in number is 713-955-0594


Abundance, prosperity, wellness, vitality, joy, these are words you hear and concepts you may have considered, but are you living in abundance, prosperity, wellness, vitality and joy?


If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change?


What would you do with your life if you knew you would not fail?


What could you achieve if you had all the money and universal support that you needed?


Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?


I am dedicated to bringing peace, health and abundance to clients regardless of the challenges they face.  I have experienced great success guiding clients through a variety of illnesses and life challenges regardless of the cause or duration.  To find out more about me, please see the biography page.


Don't just take my word for it, visit my testimonial page to read about what others have had to say about their experiences.                      


We often have “programs” or “charges” associated with any number of a variety of issues.  It’s like the bumper cars at the fair.  The cars have a long pole above them that gives off sparks of electricity.  Similarly, the programs running in our minds send up a spark to the universe, saying: “Give me more of the same.” 


If we can pull, delete and cancel these programs then replace them with positive downloads such as, “I am supported by the universe” or “I am the best choice for that job,” then we are sending out different sparks to the universe after which we experience tremendous shifts in our lives. More Questions?


My form of energetic healing is the quickest, least expensive way to make changes in every aspect of your life.  With a mixture of a variety of modalities including Theta Healing.and Matrix Energetics, what I do and observe, has changed my life for the better and my goal is to help others achieve amazing results. Some of the many people that I have learned from includeEckhart Tolle, Richard Bartlett, Vianna Stibal, and  Wayne Dyer


My healing methods are a safe, painless alternative for working in the morphic field energetically with the body, mind and spirit.  I am driven yet open to all possibilities about relief as well as results.  I encourage you to read the unsolicited testimonials on my web site to learn more about the transformational power and changes that others have experienced



Some of the areas I have found the most noticeable and drastic changes for my clients and myself include:


  • Relationships to god/spirit/your life’s path and your life’s purpose/marriage/divorce/adoption/separation 

  • Viruses, CMV, EBV, Herpes, HIV, and both male and female issues having to do with reproduction/organs/hormones/impotence/pregnancy

  • Eyes/vision and senses sprains/fractures/breaks of bones/hip/knee/body part replacements/major surgeries, pre and post op

  • Emotional issues like feeling anxious, worry, fears, guilt, grief, mourning loss, ADD, ADHD, phobias, addictions of all kinds  

  • Legal issues of all kinds especially business/family law/ as well as buying and selling real property, curses/hex removal 

  • Passing tests like national boards for massage, medicine, law, LSAT, FCAT, MCAT either to get into school or to get out!

Books and MP3s!

All available in paperback or downloadable ebook PDF, or Kindle versions 
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Contact me today for a free consultation to find out how I can help you achieve and retain abundance, optimal health, wellness and well being!  727.678.0557

Jimmy Mack practices Theta, and Matrix Energetics healing

Some people thought this was an abnormality of light refraction and a camera,

others like myself can see the mystical aspect and the color orbs in the center

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