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Mystic Art


Jimmy Mack opened the doors for me to access the true spirit from all dimensions, and internally to become the sculptor, husband, father, businessman, and spiritual being I always knew I could be. Why people like him aren't sought after by hundreds of people a day I'll ever understand. I call him to check on me and how I test with the angels. Jimmy will and forever be a part of my life and success

Many blessings,
Gregory Marra
Founder/ Lead Sculptor
American Patriots in Art


Like all of my other paintings, I did not create this one by thinking about structures, colors or painting techniques. Rather, I just threw out my intention, to capture and create an object that emits the energy of Jimmy Mack's vision. Then I let the paints go where they might without thinking about it.

This is what I got. Looking back now, and analyzing the result, I believe the tree represents the "tree of life" in a divine form - revealing the energy of the creator, and infinite connections in all of his/her glory. We see the tree, are mesmerized by its beauty, then realize we actually are the tree, stretching from heaven to earth, rooted both in this world and the next.


By focusing on the tree - focusing on you being one with it, you connect through your subconscious to a divine energetic matrix where your thoughts manifest reality in both worlds. Through your beliefs, you are in control, whether or not you believe it, but only when you do believe it. By embracing the divine energy of the tree of life, you gain control of your future.




I've made two versions of the Healing Tree. Both original paintings have sold. If you would like me to contact the collectors who own these on your behalf, simply email I also can customize a print on canvas for your particular energy using my paints. It does require I spend some time on the phone with you to get a feel for your energy and intention.  Just respond to this email and let me know if you are interested.


We are also offering top quality giclee prints created from this painting. These are "museum grade" prints which will remain vibrant for over 100 years. They are not only beautiful but also completely and positively change the energy wherever you place them. To get a print or for more information visit


Energy Artist Julia Watkins

The Healing Tree
Healing from your deepest subconscious - and beyond

I created this painting by focusing on the energy of a story and vision of a powerful Florida theta healer and matrix energetics practitioner named Jimmy Mack. This is not my story or vision. Rather it is a painting where I channeled Jimmy Mack's energy and vision, a vision I believe in.

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